Bangladesh Tourism

Bangladesh is a place where over a thousand kilometers of incredible, shark-free sand beaches hug the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh is a place where you can explore Buddhist temples and monasteries that stretch back thousands of years. And it is a land where you can enjoy some of the finest hospitality that South Asia has to offer.

If you've never considered Bangladesh for a holiday, it's because you have not learned its secrets. For years, only a handful of travelers knew of Bangladesh's incredible beauty and its uniquely welcoming hospitality. But the secret of Bangladesh is now out. And it can be yours to enjoy before the crowds arrive.

Bangladesh features the Sundarban, the world's largest mangrove forest which is home of the Royal Bengal tigers. In the Bandarban area are the foothills of the Himalayas with its various tribal people next to the Myanmar (Burma) border. Here are lakes, flowing rivers and waterfalls with plenty of places to trek and visit.

There are over 800 rivers to explore in Bangladesh and you can take a launch (large boat) for an overnight excursion on the many rivers. Like fish? Bangladesh has over 300 varieties of fish, including the largest shrimp you will ever eat (some of the shrimp is 15 inches long!).

The country contains many old forts, Mughal mosques and architecture, quaint little villages and much more. There are the narrow streets of Old Dhaka along the Buriganga River where ocean going vessels dock to load and unload goods and supplies.

Bangladesh is a place where you can lounge on the beach, drinking from a coconut under a palm tree. The warm waters of the Bay of Bengal combined with the wonderful breeze off the Bay will make for a most relaxing day.

Himalayan Planet Adventures is pleased to be one of the first companies in Nepal to be able to offer trips into what is quickly becoming the newest as well as popular South Asian tourist destination. Bangladesh will be very popular with visitors in the next few years, so book now before the crowds discover this incredibly beautiful, friendly South Asian country.