Bhutan is known today as the Land of Happiness. It is king has declared that his subjects are the happiest people in the world as they have not embraced the material things of this world as they fastidiously cling to their traditional culture and religious values that they have maintained for centuries.

Bhutan is in many ways a country whose time has been frozen in history. Often referred to as the last Shangri-La, it was not open to tourism until 1974. Even today, the number of visitors are restricted each year in order to maintain its unique atmosphere and way of life that the people of Bhutan so cherish.

Bhutan is a home of the peaks of the eastern Himalayas which rise to well over 7500 meters. The brilliantly white snowcapped peaks rise imperially against the deep blue skies of the Eastern Himalayas. The mountains and their picturesque valleys make for incredible Bhutan Trekking opportunities.

Bhutan is dotted with ancient dzongs (fortresses) that stand like castle-like sentinels at strategic points in the valleys. There are gompas and monasteries everywhere, including the famed Taktsang Gompa, a/k/a The Tiger’s Lair that sits precariously perched over 1000 meters above the city of Paro. 

There are colorful festivals to enjoy year around. Almost all of the festivals deal with their national religion which is their own form of Buddhism. For those who like wildlife, Bhutan offers wonderful opportunities to see rare birds and mammals plus a host of other creatures in a land which still is 65% forest and jungle.
Bhutan is also famous for its handicrafts which the people still make to be used as part of their daily lives. From incredible weavings to baskets and more, Bhutan handicrafts are colorful as well as useful. 

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