Nepal River Rafting & Kayaking

Nepal River Rafting & Kayaking

One of the newest activities is river rafting on a fast flowing Himalayan river. These cold water rivers originate high in the Himalayas and quickly make their way down their watercourses toward the sacred waters of the Ganges River.

Thousands of visitors to Nepal every year experience Nepal River Rafting. The experiences range from one-day trips to several weeks where you will fish and camp under the stars next to the river. The Nepal River Rafting experience can cover anywhere from Class I to Class V rivers, designed to be enjoyed by the novice or the professional rafter.

Nepal River Rafting allows you to a raft by quaint little villages as well as to enjoy some awesome scenery. You can raft or kayak, working with Professional River guides. The adrenalin starts pumping the minute you set out into the river as you take on amazing rapids while still having time to watch the birds fly overhead while gazing at the snow-capped Himalayas.

The best times to raft are from September to December and March to early June. Some rivers become non-navigable in monsoon seasons, while others like the Trisuli really come alive with the fast flowing waters of summer.

No matter if you are a novice to Nepal River Rafting or an experienced rafter, Himalayan Planet Adventures can put together the Nepal River Rafting trip for you.