Manaslu Region

Manaslu Region

Mt. Manaslu (8,160 m) is the 8th highest mountain in the world. Worshipped by the Tibetan people as the Spirit of the Mountain, it stands aloft as it beckons both locals and travelers alike to feel its holiness.

Mt. Manaslu is located just west of Kathmandu, between the Annapurna and Ganesh Himal Ranges.  The main trek is 177 km which takes you along the beautiful Budhi Gandaki River and up over high mountain passes to the north of Manaslu, where you pass between the mountain and the mountains of Tibet.  

There are treks to Tsum Valley, a delightful alpine valley that as just opened to the outside world in 2008. The people of this valley are from Tibet, settling here over 1000 years ago. They practice a more authentic form of Tibetan culture than now found in much of Tibet since the Chinese took over in 1950. 

There are over 10 peaks in this region over 6000 meters. One exciting journey can take you across Larkya La Pass with an elevation of 5,235 meters for most fantastic views. And there is the opportunity to journey the Lower Manaslu Trek through wonderful little villages of the Gurung people. 

The teams of Himalayan Planet Adventures are from Manaslu region and it is our home. We feature many great trips into the homeland of Manaslu region.