Remote Areas

Remote Areas

Many visitors to Nepal have discovered the joys of remote trekking into the very heart of the High Himalayas. The lure of these trips is that you get to see remote villages and incredible mountain vistas that few travelers ever see. As a result, the local people you encounter treat you like an honored guest. You will often experience life in what Nepal was like 50 years ago.

Some of the places for remote trekking include some of the highest peaks in the world. Places like Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Dhaulagiri are just three of the 8,000+ meter peaks that you can trek to when doing remote trekking. 

Just because an area is remote doesn’t mean that the remote trekking trails are only for the most seasoned of travelers. Some of these places are actually quite easy and ideal for beginner trekkers. Some are even very close to Kathmandu and Pokhara while others are in more distant regions. 

The advantages of remote trekking often outweigh the convenience of traveling in the more popular areas. Here you find fields of wildflowers, untouched by humans. There are hidden waterfalls and fast flowing mountain streams that rush on their way toward India. Each area features a different ethnic group with unique culture, language, dress and forms of hospitality.

Some of the place names include Arun Valley, Tashilaptsa pass, Upper and Lower Dolpo, Tsum Valley, Mt. Manaslu, Saipal Himal and more. Each of these remote trekking locations will be a delight to enjoy as well as to visit. With a company like Himalayan Planet Adventures, remote trekking options are not difficult to arrange. Our staff has been to those places and we can offer you first-hand information about the wonders that you will find when remote trekking in the Himalayas!