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Chitwan Luxury Jungle Safari

Imagine the excitement of seeing a Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat. These amazing cats will take your breath away as you gaze upon their majesty as they strut through the dense jungles of Chitwan National Park in Nepal.

This jungle expedition is a luxury trip. While during the day you will go with your guide deep into the jungle to see the wild animals (which include Indian One Horned Rhinoceros and Wild Elephant herds), in the evening, enjoy the full luxury of the famed Meghauli Serai. This resort is operated by Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces of India that combine adventure and luxury in many locations in Africa and Asia. Himalayan Planet Adventures is one of the very few travel companies that qualified to represent this excellent resort, and are able to offer excellent rates.

Meghauli is in the western part of Chitwan National Park. Unlike the more commercialized area in Sauraha, Meghauli offers incredible opportunities to truly experience the jungle without the crowds to frighten away the animals. Here, you will go to sleep each night listening to the soothing sounds of the jungle from your luxurious room.

The Chitwan Luxury Jungle Expedition includes some time to tour the beautiful Kathmandu Valley. Here you will stay at the famed Dwarika Hotel. This is Kathmandu’s finest hotel, famed throughout Asia for its outstanding traditional architecture, excellent food and wonderful rooms.

The Luxury Jungle Expedition is probably the finest journey offered by any travel company in Nepal. It is an exclusive package from the team at Himalayan Planet Adventures that will not be found at any other travel and trekking company in Nepal. Our connections with these amazing resorts will guarantee you the best prices along with top rate service. Both resorts are classified as 5 Star accommodations, guaranteeing you the best service in all of Nepal. You will not be disappointed when you choose the Chitwan Luxury Jungle Expedition.

Special Note: If you are single and want to book this solo trip this service is available on request with US$775.00 additional for standard package and US$ 1,175.00 additional for deluxe package for whole trip.

If you are 2 pax and want to use Chitwan part service only the cost is US$ 1,110.00 per person for standard trip and US$ 1,415.00 per person for deluxe trip. For Chitwan part solo traveler cost US$ 1,415.00 for standard package and US$1950.00 for deluxe package available on request.

Starting USD 2,000.00

DAY 1 – Arrival in KathmanduYour adventure begins as you arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport. Once you pass through immigration and claim your baggage, you will be met by your representative of Himalayan Planet Adventure and taken by private vehicle to the famed Dwarika Hotel. This landmark hotel is the most beautiful and luxurious hotel in all of Nepal. The hotel’s founder combined traditional Nepali architecture with all of the modern conveniences. Nothing has been overlooked, from the pleasant grounds with its pools and traditional water taps to the quality of the rooms. In the evening, you will enjoy a welcome dinner at the Krishna Arpan Restaurant. The food is the finest Nepali food anywhere. Here you will enjoy traditional Nepali hospitality along with Nepali music and dancing at the welcome dinner. Relax in your king size bed without a care in the world.

DAY 2 – Kathmandu Valley Tour The day begins early as we make our way back to the airport for the incredible Mountain Flight to Mt. Everest and back. This flight takes you high above the very backbone of the Eastern Himalayas. You fly past a number of mountain ranges with their snowcapped peaks until you arrive at Mt. Everest, the world’s highest mountain. Rising 8,848 meters/29,029 feet, it stands majestically in all of its glory. Around it are several other 8,000+ meter peaks that act like they are holding court around the king of mountains. The flight circles Mt. Everest, giving you a birds’ eye view and in the comfort of your seat. It’s cold down on the top of Mt. Everest, but you are in a heated cabin, looking down while taking pictures in comfort. The flight returns to Kathmandu, where you will be taken by private vehicle to tour several of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that the Kathmandu Valley is famous for. These sites represent the incredible heritage of the Kathmandu Valley from Royal Palaces to ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas. We will visit the beautiful city of Bhaktapur. The entire city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its architecture and temples. In the evening, you will return to the Dwarika Hotel for a delicious meal and a good night’s rest.

DAY 3 – Fly to Bharatpur and then travel to Meghauli Serai It is a short flight to the city of Bharatpur (20 minutes) as we make our way to Meghauli Serai Resort in Chitwan National Park. The people that run this resort have created the finest luxury resorts in jungle settings in both Asia and Africa. The flight saves us plenty of time as the traditional bus journey is 6 hours! Once we arrive at the airport, we will take a private vehicle to the Resort where we will be greeted with wonderful hospitality. There will be time to relax and to do some excursions while in the evening; there will be a special Tharu Cultural Program. The Tharu’s have called the jungles their home for centuries, learning how to live in harmony with the wild animals. They have a unique culture which they are very proud to show you in the evening. Relax at night with the sounds of the jungle.

DAY 4 – Jungle Adventure The jungles of the Meghauli part of Chitwan National Park see very few visitors. This is a real plus because it means that you have the best chance of seeing all of the jungle animals, including the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger and Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros. While there is no guarantee of seeing these elusive animals, you have the best opportunity in this part of the jungle to discover them in the wild. Your guide knows where to look for the animals. Be patient as you wait in the jungle. You will take a private jeep into the jungle, and then quietly wait for the animals near waterholes. Your jungle guide knows these jungles. There is a very good chance that your guide will be one of the Tharu people who grew up in these jungles and knows the habits of these elusive and amazing animals. It will be a day like nothing else you have experienced! In the evening, return to Meghauli Serai.

DAY 5 – Return to Kathmandu Around noon, we will take our flight back to Kathmandu where you can choose to rest at Dwarika Hotel or do some shopping and sightseeing in the capital city of Nepal. The afternoon is your time to enjoy all the wonders that Nepal has to offer.

DAY 6 – DepartureEnding is always a bittersweet moment. It is hard to leave Nepal, especially after enjoying this Chitwan Luxury Jungle Expedition. With some luck, you’ve been able to see a Royal Bengal Tiger and a One-Horned Rhinoceros in the wild. Even if you didn’t see a tiger, you can be certain the tiger saw you! But before you board that flight to your next destination, why not consider a return trip to Nepal? There is so much more to see, do and experience in this land of the Himalayas. Before leaving, be sure to talk to your new friends at Himalayan Planet Adventure about a return trip to the magical land of Nepal. They offer many amazing tours, including of the Annapurnas and beautiful Phewa Lake at Pokhara. They have luxury tours available in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh, and Thailand. Check out all of the wonderful possibilities that the Himalayas have to offer!

What is included

  • All pick up drop by private vehicle in Kathmandu and Chitwan part
  • 3 night’s twin sharing deluxe heritage room accommodation for standard package or twin sharing Junior suite for deluxe package in Hotel Dwarikas in Kathmandu on bb plan
  • One hrs Mountain flight over Everest Himalayas
  • Half day Bhaktapur city sightseeing with tour guide, entry fee, exploring World Heritage Site
  • One 9 course typical Nepali dinner Krishna Arpan at restaurant of Dwarikas hotel
  • Kathmandu to Bharatpur and return both ways by flight
  • 2 night’s twin sharing accommodation in Meghauli room for standard package or twin sharing Rapti villa accommodation for deluxe package (available to upgrade Rapti Mahal/Presidential suite on additional cost - Unique dining experiences for Rapti Villa and Rapti Mahal guests).
  • All meals daily in Chitwan part
  • For a minimum Length of stay of 2 nights -  2 scheduled Safari activities per person per day-choice between half day Jeep Safari (once during stay) , Elephant back Safari (1.5-2 hr duration), Walking Safari (1.5-2 hr duration), canoeing (1.5-2 hr duration)
  • Park fees for above activities
  • Laundry (6 pieces per person per day in Chitwan part)
  • Photographic fees (non-professional in Chitwan part)
  • Forest guide fees
  • 24.3% VAT and service charge is included on these rates

What is excluded

  • Any intl. flight and surcharge and taxes
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu part except Krishna Arpan dinner at Dwarikas
  • Alcohol, wines, beers, champagne, cognacs, cigars & smoke
  • Cold drinks, juices ,telephone calls
  • Safari Shop purchases
  • Gratuities etc
  • Any extending trips

Why Should I Consider The Chitwan Luxury Jungle Expedition?

Maybe the better question is, “Why’s not?” If you love to explore the jungles of Nepal, looking for amazing endangered wild animals while at night experiencing the luxury of one of the finest hotels in the world, then the Chitwan Luxury Jungle Expedition is perfect for you. Sure, it is more expensive than the traditional jungle safaris in Nepal, but as the saying goes, you pay for what you get. Here, you will enjoy world-class service, excellent food, and luxurious accommodations. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Meghauli is a more remote area of Chitwan National Park, which offers the best opportunities to see the wild animals. You won’t have to compete with other visitors who loud voices and mobile phones scare away the animals before you can spot them. You will be out alone with your guide, quietly exploring the jungles for the animals. You will come away with some amazing pictures that you can show to the envy of your friends.

Why not enjoy all the Chitwan Luxury Jungle Expedition has to offer?

Meals and Accommodations

The Luxury Jungle Safari features only the finest accommodations in all of Nepal. These hotels are world class with a Five Star rating. All is based on double occupancy.

The accommodations at Meghauli Serai Resort are based on their luxurious Meghauli Class Rooms. The standard package includes 3 night’s twin sharing heritage room at Hotel Dwarikas in Kathmandu and 2 night’s Meghauli room at Chitwan. The deluxe package includes 3 night’s twin sharing Junior suite accommodation in Hotel Dwarika’s and 2 night’s twin sharing Rapti villa accommodation. You can also upgrade to the more luxurious to the Royal/Presidential Suite (Available on request). Here you will be treated like a real maharajah. There is only one Mahal suite available, with specially trained staff to serve you.

The Chitwan Luxury Jungle Safari includes all meals in Chitwan and breakfast in Kathmandu. However, it does not include alcoholic drinks.

Group Size

We don’t even consider groups on this trip. Himalayan Planet Adventures caters this entire program only to very few select clienteles. We usually figure that it will be just two people, although if you have a larger party, we can handle it. This is your ultimate vacation package, and we work to make sure that nothing is overlooked for your comfort and enjoyment.

Physical Requirements of the Trip

You have nothing to worry about it. We take you by private vehicle to your hotels and the airport. When in the jungle, travel by private jeep. While you are watching wild animals, we have a comfortable chair to sit in as you wait. The elephant safari will require climbing up the stairs and transferring to the back of the elephant, but this is optional. You will always be accompanied by your trained, government certified jungle guide on all of your excursions into the jungle.

Our Staff

Himalayan Planet Adventures features the finest staff in the industry. They are well trained and undergo every year rigorous advanced training seminars. Your jungle guide is government licensed. Most likely, it will be a Tharu who knows the jungle from birth. He will know how to find the animals while all the time keeping your personal safety foremost in his thoughts and actions. Because of his experience, he will understand the temperament of the jungle animals.

Himalayan Planet Adventures has a decade of experience with a 95% satisfaction rating. We hold one of the highest standards in all of Nepal. We have become a travel leader through hard work and dedication. We love Nepal; this is our home. And we are very pleased to show our country to you.

Permits and Fees

There are two permits that we will take care of: Bhaktapur admission fee as well as entry fee for Chitwan National Park. All is included in the price of this tour package.

Travel Insurance

Anyone traveling should definitely have travel insurance. It covers lost baggage, medical emergencies, delay expenses and cancellation. Travel insurance is not expensive, and definitely, worth the peace of mind it brings.

Passport and Visa Requirements

Before traveling, your passport should have six months of validity before its expiration date from the end of your trip. You will need to fax or e-mail a copy of your passport to Himalayan Travel Adventures prior to your arrival in Nepal.

Your Nepal visa is obtained upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport. The fee schedule is as follows:

  • $25 US Dollars for a 15 day multiple entry visa.
  • $40 US Dollars for a 30 day multiple entry visa
  • $100 US Dollars for a 90 day multiple entry visa.

You can pay in the following currencies: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, and Japanese Yen. Please note that credit cards, Nepali and Indian currency are not acceptable at immigration.

Climate and Weather

The best time to experience the jungle to see tigers is March through May when the water holes are drying up and the animals have to travel to fewer spots to find water. The temperatures at this time run around 36° - 40° C. Summer brings heavy rains in the Terai region where Chitwan National Park is located. Autumn is pleasant with plenty of greenery and wild flowers in the jungle, but there are plenty of waterholes for the animals to frequent. Winters in the Terai warm to pleasant temperatures during the day, but may drop to around 10° C at night.

Kathmandu, because it is higher elevation, features cooler temperatures. It snows in Kathmandu about twice a century and should you be lucky enough to see it, know it will melt quickly. Winter is the coldest time, but a daily temperature will reach around 20° C with nights around 5° C. The rest of the year is warmer and pleasant, with lows in the Spring down to 18° to 20°C and highs around 32°. Summers do bring rain, but not as much as in the Terai.

All of our accommodations on the Luxury Jungle Expedition feature both a/c rooms which will offer heat in the cooler winter mornings.

Environmental Concerns

Himalayan Planet Adventures takes environment issues quite seriously. This is our home, and we want to keep it pristine for generations to come. No non-biodegradable items are ever left in the jungles that can harm the wild animals or spoil the beauty of the environment. We pack out everything that will endanger the environment and dispose of it properly.

How to Book the Ultimate Jungle Expedition

The Ultimate Jungle Expedition is one trip you can book anytime at your convenience. Just go to our website ( and fill out the on-line booking form. If you have any questions, please be sure to ask them either before or after booking your trip. We are always happy to hear from you. A 20% deposit is required as down payment, with the balance due upon arrival in Kathmandu. You can pay by bank transfer or by using Master Card or Visa.

Our Experience and Expertise

Since our founding in 2008, Himalayan Planet Adventures has been recognized as an industry leader in Nepal. We are government licensed and we proudly hold memberships in all major travel organizations within Nepal.

We started this company committed to the highest of standards in the industry. Because of our dedication and commitment, we hold a 95+% satisfaction rating from our clients, which is the highest in the industry. You don’t get this kind of customer satisfaction without being always at your best. This is how we qualified to offer such luxury trips. These hotels and resorts are extremely picky in whom they work with. Most companies are rejected. Himalayan Planet Adventures was one of those few whom these hotels and resorts desired to work with as they know we will represent our clients with the highest possible standards of service.

All of our guides are government trained and certified. But we go well beyond the extra mile to continue their training to the highest standards of excellence. You can always rest assured that we maintain not just professionalism, but personal care and concern with every client that comes through our door.

Himalayan Planet Adventures just doesn’t have clients; we make friends that last a lifetime. Can we be of such service to you?


  • The rates above are as per current Forest Department rate structure. Any significant change in rates by the Forest Department may lead to a change in these rates that shall be communicated accordingly. Passport is required to be carried.
  • Check-in – 13:00 hrs / Check-Out time – 11:00 hrs.
  • Additional activities can be purchase directly at the hotel (Subject to availability)
  • Child policy will be provided on request
  • Cancellation policy will be provided on request
  • We provide evacuation assistance in the event of an emergency.
  • Park is subject to closure on National festivals. Please note no jeep safaris will be conducted from July to November due to monsoon (exact dates to be informed by Forest Dept closer to the date) however all other jungle activities like elephant back safaris, canoeing and walking safaris will be conducted in the community Forest.

Mandatory Supplements shall be applicable as follows for Chitwan Part only:

  • Christmas Eve: 24th Dec 17 – a supplement of $100/- per person will be applicable
  • New Year: 30th & 31st Dec 17 – a supplement of $100 per person per day will be applicable
  • Good Friday & Easter: 14th and 16th April 17 – a supplement of $50 per person per day will be applicable
Tour Leader/Guide Discounts (For Tour Groups):  1 pax complimentary on plan for minimum 15 paying guests in a group.

Start Date End Date Price in US Dollar Availability Booking
Standard Deluxe
January 20, 2018 January 25, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
February 6, 2018 February 11, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
February 18, 2018 February 23, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
March 3, 2018 March 8, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
March 13, 2018 March 18, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
March 21, 2018 March 26, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
April 1, 2018 April 6, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
April 10, 2018 April 15, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
April 19, 2018 April 24, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
April 27, 2018 May 2, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
May 5, 2018 May 10, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
May 14, 2018 May 19, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 CLOSED Book Now !
May 25, 2018 May 30, 2018 $ 2000 $ 2575 SPACE Book Now !
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