Our Services

Himalayan Planet Adventures specializes in organizing tailor made journeys into the Himalayas. We feature cultural tours, trekking tours, camping expeditions, mountain climbing expeditions, small peak climbing, touring, cycling, wildlife safaris and white water rafting. And that is just a start.

We offer tour packages in five countries. Our work can take you to the most popular places to visit or well off the beaten path where you will see hidden valleys, traditional villages and ancient temples that few visitors will ever encounter. 

Here’s just an example of what Himalayan Planet Adventures can offer you and your friends in order to make visiting South Asia the perfect travel experience!

NEPAL TOURS AND TRAVELS – Nepal is our ancestral home and as we are from the mountains, we know the land like few others. We can organize incredible Nepal Trekking in both the popular regions like Everest and Annapurna as well as those rarely visited places like Tsum Valley and Upper Dolpo. There are jungle safaris where you can encounter the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger as well as to see the rare Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros in the wild. Himalayan Planet Adventures can organize white water rafting trips that last from a day to nearly two weeks, experiencing the incredible rivers of the Nepal Himalayas. Whatever you can dream up, we can put together for you.

BANGLADESH TOURS – Bangladesh is our newest country we are working in, and it offers some of the most interesting culture and scenery in South Asia. The foothills of the Himalayas begin in Bangladesh along the border with Myanmar. We offer treks, tours and cycling opportunities in the Bandarban region of Bangladesh. Enjoy a Buddhism tour of Bangladesh, relax on one of its many beautiful sand beaches along the Bay of Bengal, or go scuba diving off the only coral reef island in the country. Bangladesh is a new tourism destination and offers some amazing finds at very modest prices.

BHUTAN TREKS AND TOURS – Himalayan Planet Adventures offers fantastic tours and treks of the Land of Happiness. Traveling to Bhutan is stepping back in time, where you will encounter an ancient culture steeped in the traditions of the Eastern Himalayas.

TIBET TREKS AND TOURS – Tibet is the land of mystery. A forbidden land for centuries, it is now opened for visitors. Explore the Potala Palace in Lhasa, make a pilgrimage around Mt. Kailash, or even go to Everest Base Camp via pony cart. Tibet is the roof of the world with its capital city of Lhasa 3,650 meters above city level. Himalayan Planet Adventures can offer you the finest of experiences in the mysterious land of Tibet. We feature tours and treks of this incredible place.

INDIA TOURS AND TREKS – Himalayan Planet Adventures doesn’t offer tours in all of India, just the incredible Himalayas (as if that isn’t enough!). Ride the Toy Train in Darjeeling, see Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world, or travel to the Himalayan state of Sikkim. We specialize in mountain trekking in India as well as tours in this wonderfully fascinating country of India.