Adventure Activities

Everyone comes to the Himalayas to experience adventure, and do we have an adventure waiting for you! All five of the countries we represent feature amazing adventure opportunities!

NEPAL ADVENTURE – It just doesn’t get any better than Nepal. Take a zip line from the top of the mountains, traveling at speeds upwards of 140 km/h. Paraglide over the Himalayas and then venture in the jungles to look for Royal Bengal Tigers and One-Horned Indian Rhinoceroses. Explore hidden streets in Kathmandu. Then why not try bungee jump into a canyon on the world’s highest bungee jump. And if that isn’t enough, feel the thrill of a lifetime white-water rafting down a fast flowing mountain river. It’s all in Nepal, and Himalayan Planet Adventures can tailor-make an adventure package for you.

INDIA ADVENTURE – Come and see the Indian Himalayas. Ride the Toy Train up the mountain in Darjeeling where you can see the most incredible views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world.  Explore the hidden cities and villages of ancient Sikkim. There are many adventures, from trekking to sightseeing, local culture to monasteries that are yours to see in India.

BHUTAN ADVENTURE – Culture, mountains, and incredible scenery await you around every bend in Bhutan, the Land of Happiness. Climb to hidden monasteries, take dinner in a traditional farmhouse or experience the weekend market in Thimphu, it’s an amazing place where the adventure never stops.

TIBET ADVENTURE – From the moment your plane touches down in Lhasa to the time you sadly have to depart, every moment is filled with adventure. The markets, monasteries, and the world’s largest royal palace (complete with 10,000 rooms) are all in Lhasa. But there is more than just the amazing capital city at 3,650 meters. Go and trek the pilgrimage to the sacred Mt. Kailash, the home of the gods for both Hinduism and Buddhism. Take a dip in the holy waters of Lake Manasarovar with the other pilgrims. This glacier fed lake is said to be the source of the four major rivers of Asia. There is a lot of adventure to be enjoyed in Tibet, and Himalayan Planet Adventures can put together the ideal Tibet Adventure for you.

BANGLADESH ADVENTURE –Your adventure in Asia’s newest tourist destination begins the moment you land at the airport in the capital city of Dhaka. The country leads to be explored as you meet the world’s friendliest people. Trek in the mountains, scuba dive to see a hidden city, look for tigers in the Sundarbans or discover ancient Buddhist monasteries, it’s all here in Bangladesh. Very few travel companies in the world can offer Bangladesh adventure tours; Himalayan Planet Adventures is one of the very few that can do this for you.

Adventure Activities