Hiking & Trekking

The term trekking was invented for the Himalayas. The senior staff at Himalayan Planet Adventures is skilled, expert and professional in our knowledge of trekking and hiking in South Asia. As we (and all of our staff) grew up in the High Himalayas, we know the best places to trek and explore, often creating exclusive trips for our clients that are unavailable from other companies.

NEPAL TREKKING – The gods made Nepal as the perfect paradise for trekking and hiking. There are thousands of kilometers of trails to explore, ranging from beginner to serious trekkers. Trips can range from ½ day to months, depending upon your own desires. The terrain ranges from sub-tropical jungles to elevations over 5,000 meters where you will stand the behold the awe-inspiring scenery of the highest mountains on earth. Whether you want to camp, tea house trek, or simply go for a day hike, the experts at Himalayan Travel Adventures can put together the right trek for you.

TIBET TREKKING – Tibet is the roof of the world with average elevations well over 3600 meters. Located north of the monsoon rains, it is a dry area with sacred lakes and incredible scenery. You can trek the holy pilgrimage around Mt. Kailash or hike around sacred monasteries and hidden villages. Himalayan Planet Adventures is proud to be able to offer some of the most outstanding trekking and hiking opportunities in Tibet, our neighbor to the north.

BHUTAN TREKKING – Bhutan has opened itself up to the world, although in a limited way. There are now 24 different treks designated by the Government of Bhutan and more are being added on a regular basis. Bhutan, because of its long isolation, still offers opportunities to mingle with a culture trapped in a time warp. View the rarely seen eastern Himalayas, overlook magnificent valleys, pass through quaint villages and see incredible Buddhist monasteries. Himalayan Planet Adventures can put together incredible Bhutan trekking and hiking opportunities, ranging from half day to a week. Ask your representative at Himalayan Planet Adventures on how to add a trek to your visit to Bhutan, the Land of Happiness!

INDIA TREKKING – The Mighty Himalayas don’t skip from Bhutan to Nepal. In between is India with incredible places like Darjeeling and Sikkim. These places feature some outstanding views of the some of the highest mountains in the world, including Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain on the planet. There are plenty of exciting treks to experience in Darjeeling and Sikkim. Don’t pass up the opportunity to visit this unique part of India. Let the staff at Himalayan Planet Adventures put together an adventure in the form of a trek in India.

BANGLADESH TREKKING – Most people never even think about Bangladesh as a place to travel to, much less to trek. We at Himalayan Planet Adventures have made the most wonderful discovery in a place so close to Nepal and Bhutan. Bangladesh has some incredible hill regions that form the foothills of the Himalayas by the Myanmar (Burma) border. These can be rugged with incredible views as well as interesting visits with the various tribal people who have called this land home for centuries. Himalayan Planet Adventures has been working closely with the newly organized Bangladesh Tourism Board and has made personal contacts deep into the hill country of Bangladesh to establish treks in this country newly opened to the world for tourism.

Hiking & Trekking