River Rafting and Kayaking

Water sports offer definite excitement, whether it will be the challenge of a raging Himalayan mountain stream or floating gently on a river just south of the Himalayas where the rivers begin to meet the sea. Whatever your interest, Himalayan Planet Adventures can offer exciting and enjoyable opportunities to go river rafting and kayaking in all of our South Asian locations.

NEPAL RAFTING & KAYAKING – Of all the South Asian countries, Nepal is the king when it comes to water sports. There are many rivers to choose from that have rapids between Levels I and V to challenge any rafter. The rivers were made for kayaking as they feature incredible challenges. You can go for a short afternoon trip on the Trisuli River near Kathmandu, or take a fishing expedition down the Karnali River as you negotiate some amazing rapids along the way. Your choices are many and Himalayan Planet Adventures has the right adventure just for you.

TIBET RAFTING & KAYAKING – Rafting is best in Tibet from June to October. Trips range from half day on the Tolung-chu River, one or two-day trips on the Drigung-Chu River or for those who want a real adventure, plan to spend anywhere from four to 21 days on the amazing Reting Tsangpo River. Rafting and kayaking are new in Tibet. This is where it is important to be dealing with a reliable company like Himalayan Planet Adventures. It’s that personal service as well as our connections in Tibet that will make all the difference for you.

INDIA RAFTING & KAYAKING – The regions of Darjeeling and Sikkim offer some amazing rivers that come swiftly down from the Himalayas on their way to meet the waters of the Ganges River system. You can choose either fast flowing mountain rivers or slower ones that gently float you past sacred temples and age-old villages. There are plenty of amazing options to choose from. Himalayan Planet Adventures can help you to discover those options as they work to put together the perfect water package for you.

BHUTAN RAFTING & KAYAKING – Bhutan features some fast flowing mountain streams that drop quickly from great heights into picturesque valleys. There are six major rivers that flow southward from the Eastern Himalayas make its crystal clear waters ideal for rafting and kayaking. There are many untamed rivers as well as slower ones to allow for more leisurely floats. 

BANGLADESH RAFTING & KAYAKING – The best way to see Bangladesh is definitely by water. With 800 rivers in the country, your biggest problem will be deciding which river to enjoy water sports on. Bangladesh lacks whitewater activity that other countries feature, but don’t let that stop you. You can take a journey into the Sundarbans to look for tigers, or paddle down a river as you pass farms and villages where the people always wave to you. You can get a number of different boats, even a dug-out canoe to explore the rivers. One fun way to really see Bangladesh is on a river launch where you can actually spend the on the river as you travel past cities and farms.

River Rafting and Kayaking